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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the giants take game one. >> the giants brought their bats and starting pitcher madison bumgarner brought the heat is a the giants steam rolled the royals and took game one of the world series. i'm larry beil. dan and ama are off tonight. lots of world series coverage, but we begin with brian stowe. you recall he was beaten outside dodgers stadium in 2011. stowe gave an emotional interview to espn and for the first time we are seeing and hearing the incredible progress that he's made since that attack. >> this is from tim lincecum. this is from will clark. >> stowe has been disabled since the attack on opening
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day of 2011. there are still holes in his memory including the giants winning in 2010 and 2012. the recent run really has been a blessing to his life. >> why do you love the giants? why is that your team? >> why not? who else am i gonna like? the a's? the dodgers? no, the giants are where it's at. >> i tell you, he looks great. it is wonderful to see these pictures. he lives at his parents' home and he is looked after by his family. he was awarded an $18 million settlement, but he has not every ared the money because of setbacks with the court. for now, stowe is just happy to be alive and happier seeing his team win once again. brian stowe must have loved watching tonight's game as we bring in sports anchor mike shumann. shu, you give bumgarner an early lead and it is pretty much game over. jay that's what it was.
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every time puts up a fight when bumgarner is on the mound. they don't get the results. hunter pence put a hush over the crowd with a two-run shot off royals ace james shields. it is an early 3-0 lead. the ace in complete control. the fifth inning the last of the five strikeouts and a 67 mile an hour curve ball. bumgarner seven innings and one run allowed. pablo sandoval with the second r.b.i of the game. 7-1 is your final. the giants took a 1-0 series lead and we will have more highlights from the giants' clubhouse coming up in sports. >> a really nice moment with madison bumgarner and hunter pence. we will get to that and game two is coming up tomorrow. coverage continues with wayne freedman who is live outside kaufman stadium where the royals fans saw their team lose. >> the royals fans waited 29
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years to get a world series back in town, and it might have taken the giants a little more, just a little more than 29 seconds to dash their hopes at least for tonight. we will give uh couple of interviews out of the locker room. we will talk to jake peavy and he will talk about what bruce bochy brings to this team. first, pablo sandoval on what it is like to have madison bumgarner on the mound when he is on his game. >> it is location on the mound. he keeps throwing the ball. >> what is the difference that bochy makes to the players? >> he does a great job in all areas. he does an incredible job of keeping us grounded in here and at the same time getting us ready to play. we are always prepared for the situation. he puts his players in great situations. he is able to do that by
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knowing and having a personal relationship with every guy in the room. at the end of the day he gives the confidence that not many guys gives you. >> you know that big homerun that shu showed you the shot that hunter pence hit out in center field, i had a little time and i went in search of the ball and took a photograph of it. that's the ball right there. who caught it? it turns out he is a fan from iowa, a fan of the royals: he is a banker from overton, iowa and he won his standing room only seats from a lottery. he said he tried to throw the ball back on the field and doing his imitation of a cubs fan and they threw it back to him again. i asked if he will keep it. he said he guesses so, he thinks he will. he said he really doesn't want it. can you imagine that? live in kansas city, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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>> thank you, wayne. a lot of fans in san francisco would gladly take that ball off his hands if he wants to put it up for sale. wayne will continue his live reports from the world series tomorrow. game two tomorrow. you can get all of th digital updates from kansas city in between by following him on twitter at wayne freedman and the facial book page. a live report on how local fans reacted to the win over the royals in game one. we have breaking news out of mill pea diswhere police say a body has been discovered near the nubi island landfill. alan wang is live in mill -- mill pea dis. >> we are on the border of san jose and that's why san jose police are telling us they are heading up this investigation at the republic recycling center behind me. earlier today an adult body was found discovered in a pile of recycling material around 4:30 this afternoon. this is where it is dumped and
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sorted after it is collected on their route. at this time we believe the cor coroner has taken the body away, but we don't know if it is a man or a woman. they keep track of where the waste is picked up and where it is dumped. investigators will likely look at the records and try to narrow down the location where the body was picked up. that may give them a starting point for this investigation. until then, we will have to wait for police to release the identity of this victim and the actual cause of death. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. boil your water. that is the warning tonight for some 300 san jose residents living on lisbon, madrid and sydney drives as well as rouley drive. they said there is bacteria in the droinging water. crews found it in a sample while replacing the pipeline. the warning is still in affect for cooking and drinking. the company says the water is
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safe for showering and other household chores. no word on when the boil water alert is likely to be lifted. an uber driver accused of yanking a passenger out of his car has responded saying he never touched her. the alleged incident occurred on sunday night in san francisco. a woman said the driver grabbed her by the arm and pulled her from the car and smashed her phone. uber fired the driver. today he told the chronicle that she was yelling at him so he stopped the car and told her to leave. he also claims he never touched her. police cited him for battery and malicious mischief and vandalism. it comes one month after police say another uber driver attacked a passenger with a hammer in san francisco. the passenger may lose his eye if it doesn't heal correctly. should there be move development on what many say is a crowded communications hill. it is located in south san jose, west of highway 87. the city decided to allow plans to go forward.
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abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is joining us live from san jose city hall. lisa? >> hi, larry. a little while ago the city council voted unanimously to expand and build 22 more units on communication hill. many who live there say this is not fair. they already deal with litter, noise, traffic and a lack of emergency services. communications hill is a popular place to live. it is also a popular place to workout. the grand staircase is a hotspot for the fit and those not following the rules. >> they need to do something about that. >> still the city council voted to move forward with the four-phase expansion plan. that would bring 2200 more units to communications hill over the next 10 years. >> it is a huge try. i can absolutely see why more people would want to build up here. >> there will be more parks and more misused space and more people moving in. especially since fire station
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33 built specifically for this community closed in 2010 due to budget cuts and because access roads to it is hill are limited. >> we already have parking problems and we have traffic congestion problems. add to that and then throw in an emergency situation and rescue for disaster. >> there is still access to the developments from different directions. it is not unlike many other neighborhoods in the city of san jose. there are one or two ways to get in and out. it has been planned for a longtime. >> there is no sign that station 30 throughy will re-open anytime soon. but plans are in the works for shuttle service to help with traffic and implementation of a curfew for the stairs. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. also at the meeting, the city honored a police officer who helped raise money for the family of a road rage victim. officer juanna win organized
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a -- juan nguyen organized a crowd sourcing account. the money went to the family of 37-year-old lam. he was shot to death in may at center road after a near collision. police arrested two people. >> coming up, giants fans loving every minute of the world series game. but where do you go if you couldn't make it to kc? next on abc7 news, the san francisco institution that went high-tech to allow a little trash talk between teams. plus, a toll for a stroll. should people have to pay to walk across the iconic golden gate bridge. and not your average nugget. how much this piece of california history will cost you. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures are falling tonight. expect a cool start to your morning. i'll be lack to let you know when you will need those umbrellas again.
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won in kansas city, but most of their fans are partying here this evening. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san francisco's union square. cornell? >> hi, larry, giant fans are hoping for a win tonight. what they got was a blowout. not bad for game one of the series. the biggest party of them all is here at lefty odoules. the giants took game one of the world series in a big way. and fans at the famous lefty odouls were loving it. >> it is a long road. we know it is not over yet, but it is a great start. >> it is a great way to start the series. let's go giants. >> the giants scored early in
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the game and quickly leading the royal -- leaving the royals in the dust. fans got to watch this live stream of royals fans in their favorite sports bar. it turns out it was the perfect portal for trash talking. >> when you lose we will give you the -- we will be waiting for our barbecue sauce. >> lefty's owner made a bet, giants win they send kc barbecue saw and giants lose kc sends their bloody mary mix. but they royals fans infiltrated giants territory and both sides tried to get along. jay i didn't want to wear -- >> i didn't want to wear blue in a satisfy of -- sea of orange and fear for my life. >> it has been 29 years. it is time. >> by the end of the game fans in that royals bar looked pretty bummed. this game belonged to the giants. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> there is a twisted joy in watching the royals fans on a
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live stream all sad. we got this picture of a pumpkin with sf, giants carved into it. even the jack-o'-lanterns are celebrating in an orange october. we want to see your fan photos. e-mail them to you report at kgo-tv dost. you can -- >> we have developing news. walkers and bikers may have to dig into their pocket before they cross the golden gate bridge. here is a live look at this hour. only a few cars are going and not many people are using the sidewalk at this hour. golden gate bridge officials are scheduled on friday to discuss charging a toll for its access to offset the district's $is -- $33 million deficit. the fee would not go into affect for another three to four years. this week you can get your hands on one of the largest gold nuggets recently uncovered in the gold country. a coin dealer is selling this six-pound chunk of gold called the boutte nugget.
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the nugget is expected to bring in more than $350,000 when it is auctioned off this thursday this san francisco. that is a nice chunk right there. let a check the forecast. sandhya, obviously things worked out well for the giants in san francisco. i know we are looking ahead to the weekend series at at&t park. >> that's right, larry. and i know we have rain chances in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. timing is everything. you will see here in a moment that it will work in the giants' favor. live doppler 7hd is showing high clouds passing through the bay area. we still have a beach hazard statement up for the coast until 3:00 a.m. on wednesday. we are talking about a risk of rip currents and sneaker waves with large breakers continuing for west, northwest facing beaches. here is a view from our kgo roof camera. it is orange october. the giants' win being celebrated here as coit tower is lit up. 60 degrees in san francisco right now. upper 50s oakland and san carlos and san jose and even
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in morgan hill and half moon bay. lots of orange from the exploor for yum camera. -- from the exploratorium camera. low to mid50sin our north bay valleys. santa rosa and napa. 55 in livermore. it is getting cool out there already. san francisco is looking good. chance of showers and there is a chance of more rain on saturday. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture. there is a cold front approaching the pacific northwest bringing rain ahead of it. you have all of this cold and unstable air and initially we are not expecting much. just high clouds going into wednesday. here is what will happen on thursday. the rain will lineup on thursday morning and it will shift southward into the north bay. there is a chance of light rain in the north bay thursday evening. as we head toward friday it is dry for game number three. late friday night and really going into saturday is when we have our next opportunity for
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seeing bay area wide rain. and then it is dry for world series game number four beginning on saturday late afternoon and going into sunday. in the sierra nevada it will turn into the possibility of snow on saturday. look at the three-day fore cay beginning on friday. in case you have weekend plans, sunny and breezy and saturday a chance of rain and snow. higher elevation snow. the snow levels will be between 7,000 and 8,000 feet. i won't wax up your skis just yet. partly cloudy on sunday. here in the bay area tomorrow morning, partly cloudy is as well with the high level clouds. the temperatures m -- are really coming down. upper 40s fairfield, livermore and so you know you are going to need that extra layer to keep you warm tomorrow morning. here is a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. a lot like today, up a few degrees. upper 60s to the upper 70s. 68 san francisco. 71 oakland and 70ly and palo alto. here is a look at the forecast for game number two.
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kansas city, the giants will be taking on the royals. 62 degrees tomorrow night. dropping down to the upper 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, if you work in the north bay and live there carry your umbrellas on thursday. for the rest of you really saturday and again on tuesday is when you will need your rain gear. at least at this point we have several chances of seeing rain. i am hoping the timing remains just as good as it does right now, larry and shu. >> hoping? >> hoping. i'll keep you posted. >> i would like a little higher confidence than hoping. >> it is too far out there. >> we are still say vorring gape one -- say vorring -- savoring game one. >> giants taking game one against the royals. madison bumgarner
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takes the road on the road in the post season his e.r.a is .068. add 7 runs and you have a royal flush in game one of the world series. the royals hosting the world series game for the first time in 29 years. the jets lose in the post season until tonight. before madison took the mound, the scwiepts' offense spotted them a 3-0 lead after the r.b.i double. hunter pence takes james shields deep. it is 3-0 giants. bottom 1-0 and quick hands. trouble in the third. no outs and a swing and a miss. then chasing and yes he went around and he gets out of a -- can he get out of the jam? a slow bouncer to joe panic.
11:26 pm
bumgarner would go seven and one run and struck out five. giants up 5-0 in the seventh. panic at the plate and post season theme continues. put it in play and let the defense make a play. 6-0 and then it is pablo sandoval. the second r.b.i of the game and in comes panic and the giants with seven runs on 10 hits. 9th inning and closes it out. josh welling ham swinging. domination complete. the giants take game one 7-1 and stealing home field advantage and here is mad bum. >> it makes it a lot easier on you when you can go up there and you know that -- i know our guys have already scored three runs. it makes it easier to go out there and attack guys. >> it is go to get some early runs. bum was superb and hunter had a good day. >> it is a good feeling to come out and play the way we did. we knew it was an intense atmosphere. >> we don't expect them to lay
11:27 pm
over. it is one game. >> it has been an honor and blessing to have him as a teammate. >> i paid him to say that. >> a man hug. we'll take a brief timeout before we hit the ice where joe thorton returned to his roots in boston. show something mad skills. would it be
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road trip. joe thorton back where the game began. the pass goes through the legs and deflect itself out of midair.
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3-2 sharks. now tied at three. fails to clear a big mistake. gregory campbell tacks it in for a 5-3 victory. warriors hosting the clippers. it is a blocked attempt by jj red duck. the warriors roll and steph curry lead the way with seven. they had 28 turnovers, but it is pre-season. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by ebay and game two is tomorrow from
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the next newscast is 4:30 in the morning. the legendary bil >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- bill murray. plus jack black and kyle gass. with cleto and the cletones. and now, get this. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. thank you, all of you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for watching. that's very kind. i'm glad you're here tonight. i'm glad i'm here tonight. i don't note how it


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